Making St. Mary's Your Church Home

Finding a Church where you feel comfortable is a lot of work. But at St. Mary's we try to make it as easy as possible! Our members come from many backgrounds. About a third of the congregation was raised Episcopalian, another third was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and another third came from a  non-religious or other religious background.  This mix seems about right for a small Utah Valley Church, and we're confident you'll find a place to fit in within our community.

Your first step is to come to church and observe our worship. Don't worry if it seems unfamiliar at first (after all the liturgy is hundreds of years old--its bound to be a little weird.) But in time you'll come to notice specific parts open up to you and unfold to you. To learn more about our worship services click here

After Church come to the Parish Hall, try talking to the members and to the clergy (they wear a clergy collar). Once a conversation gets going usually a few other people will come and join in. You'll find that we share many different views on many different subjects. But this is the best way to meet people, learn names, and build a community you can be a part of here in Provo. 

Next, set up a meeting with the Priest. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions, to learn more about the programs at St. Mary's, and to find out how you can get involved in helping the church. The priest will often let you know when our next catechism or new members small group class begins (see Calendar). These classes are mainly there to help you gain a comfortable understanding of the theology of the Church. These you may take at your own pace, and as the Holy Spirit moves you. There is no timetable or expectation; we commit to hold you in our community however you feel ready to be. 

The clergy and members also will help you to begin walking the path of formation. Formation is the process of discerning your ministry. Ministry is simply another word for "living a life of meaning and purpose as God sees fit to reveal to you." Your ministry might be to serve in the Altar Guild, or to volunteer with the Children's Ministry. Maybe you feel called to reach out to the poor, or to the sick? Or maybe you are talented in marketing and social media communication? Whatever the case is we want to help you help others!

Some people seek formal baptism in the church, which for Christians is a sacred ritual of initiation into a new life and a new commitment to love God and serve our neighbor. if you've already been baptized in another Christian tradition, the Episcopal Church does not require re-baptism, including for those baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Once your baptism has been recorded in the records of St. Mary's Church, you will be fully able to participate in the life of the community and serve in roles of responsibility if desired and if elected by the congregational membership.

As you become involved at St. Mary's you will find a rich connection in our Christian community, unlike anything else you have previously experienced. We look forward to meeting you, and walking with you in the the Way of Love, the path of discipleship.